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I believe that oxygen masks on airplanes are symbolic of motherhood ( give to yourself first ).

If I don't answer my phone, its likely that I'm squirreled away in the bedroom, binge-watching Friends or immersed in the latest Brad Thor novel.
( Don't tell my kids. They think I'm working. )

Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. ( and more dogs. )

We dance in our kitchen more than we cook in it ( I'm a pickier eater than my kids, so this works out brilliantly for me ).

If you live in San Francisco, please know that I'm unable to gracefully parallel park. ( I may knock on your door and hand over my car keys. )

I grew up in a ruthlessly funny, take-no-prisoners family ( it's one of the greatest gifts I could have been given ).

Perfection is relative ( own yours ).

I deeply believe in the chaos of family life. We need it. The craziness gives meaning to the sparkly, glittery moments in-between
( So let the kids run wild. I'll find your magic. I promise. )