*$100 travel fee for areas outside of the SF East Bay (San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Marin, Napa, etc...)


I designed these effortless sessions for moms who want to hold on to stages and ages. These weekday sessions aren't the pose and smile sessions. These are the messy, wild, and delicious sessions that document the way you love and live.

Let your kids do their thing and I'll document it. Does not include portraits (posed photos), but it does include 30 beautiful lifestyle pictures of your family being who they are. 

Candid Life Session

Session FEE: $500*
Package Price: $1600

In 90 minutes, we will celebrate the little victories - the simple, less obvious moments that whisper to you that you're an incredible mom. From how you handle salty tears to how you freely express your uncontrollable love, your moments are magical. They're tucked away in your daily routine: bathtime, walks with your dog, bed acrobatics, silent hand holding... these moments all matter. 

Included in these longer sessions are a handful of casual portraits and at least 70 digital images uploaded to the cloud for secure storage and unlimited printing and sharing. 

Family Life Session

What it is and how it works...

(Your life in a day.) 

(Your ordinary is extraordinary.)




A little Wild

You know, Like your family #IRL

What a session feels like...

THe Lawrence Family

"Jennifer Chaney is amazing talented. Her personality is perfectly suited for what she does. She is a mom and totally gets young children. She seems to know exactly how to interact with them to get great shots. We love all of our photos! They tell our story." 

The mcgilloway family 

”Jennifer's photos speak volumes. I first saw her pictures on Facebook when a friend posted some shots of her family pictures. What I saw was a family captured just as they are in the morning with their kids. I hadn't seen photos like that before. I loved it!  

She caught all the beautiful parts of our morning as well as capturing my children just as they were with their very small hands, feet & little faces. 

She saw what I saw as important." 

"We’ve taken family photos before but had always opted to do them outside at a park. This time we decided to them at our house and I’m so glad we did! I love the stage that my kids are at and I wanted to capture and celebrate the things they do together in the place where we are most often together as a family. It is so special to have the memories of my kids reading on their beds, playing with their favorite toys – trains, dolls, Legos, snuggling in our cozy places, and cooking breakfast. These are the memories I know I’m going to cherish as we move into the uncertain teenage years and I’m so glad I have Jennifer’s beautiful photos to hold on to. 
The session itself was easy-peasy. She got my kids at ease so quickly​.​..​I’m so glad we did the shoot!"

THe Hoverman Family

Jennifer is fantastic! Love that she comes to your home and provides such a comfortable experience. I really appreciated watching my kids play while Jennifer captured these beautiful moments of our life. Jennifer is professional and so down to earth.

I love her style and guidance. The photo shoot wasn't stressful at all--instead it was fun and easy-going! I highly recommend Jennifer! Everyone compliments my photos!!!

THe leicester Family

“I worried about my house being clean enough, worried the hubby would be uncomfortable and most of all I worried that my 2 boys would be just a little too crazy. All the worry faded the moment I opened the door. Having her in our home was like having a friend over for coffee. 

Anyone can take a staged photo of your family, but it truly takes a special person with amazing talent to capture the essence of a family in a single shot. 

She has given me an appreciation for the little moments 
I take for granted in a day. ” 

THe Manos Family

“I love jewelry, trinkets and baubles just as much as any girl...but these moments that Jennifer captures, these are my jewels. They sparkle at me as I move from room to room in my home everyday. She captures these moments that are forever etched in my mind. 

Through her images, I can hear my children's laughter, smell the out of the bath clean hair on their heads, feel the warm summer sun and the thick summer air. 

These treasures will always take me back, will always be there to remind me of what really is precious in this life and will constantly put me at ease.” 

THe Ligon Family

a tiburon Family

“I found Jennifer through a Google search, so I was pretty nervous about how it would all work out sight unseen. 

When Jennifer showed up at the house on Saturday morning, I knew we had made the right decision. She put each person at ease. She was a supportive and warm presence while also not being a presence. She has a way of bringing out the beauty in each person and in the group. What I always say when I look at our photo album is, 'Wow, we really love each other.' 

Our love for one another is so clear in Jennifer's photos, 
and I thank her with all my heart for that.”   

A little love from my chaos embracing clients... 

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