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embracing your beautiful chaos.

There are days (okay most days), when we feel like we're drowning in motherhood. When we can't wait for bedtime (ours and theirs).
And on days like these, after your kids are asleep and the circus is silent, you wonder... "Am I doing this right?"

Setting down your wine glass, you quietly slide into your child's room to give her an extra hug (which is more for you than her).
Half asleep, she rests her dimpled little hand on your cheek and mutters, "mommy..."

Suddenly the messy house and your utter exhaustion isn't on your mind. The uncontrollable love you have for your children is -
because its hammering on the walls and kicking down the doors.

This is your life. And it's freaking incredible.

Your kids aren't wild. They're kids.
Your house isn't messy. It's lived in.

And yes. You're doing this mom stuff right.